Warranty On Our Dental Work at Clark Family Dental


Effective 01/29/2018


We take pride in our work at Clark Family Dentistry. Because of that, we’re pleased to announce our Dental Warranty Program. We hope it gives you comfort to know that you will not waste your healthcare dollars at CFD. Our goal is to give you great care at an affordable fee level.

We are confident in our quality of work and support it with a warranty which very few dental offices offer.  We will repair or replace the restorative dental treatment rendered based on the following guidelines and exclusions for two (2) years (sealants) three (3) years (fillings & root canals) and five (5) years (crowns, porcelain veneers, & implants) from the date of treatment. Failure to fulfill the following requirements will void the dental treatment warranty. Also, we warranty that our complete and partial dentures are free of material defects.

Terms & Conditions

1. We will replace the restorative dental work at no additional cost for either materials or labor if there is a failure in the fabrication and if all limitations are met. If a new restoration is impossible, a credit in the amount paid for the failed restoration will be placed on your account. No refunds will be given. All work must be performed at CFD by Dr. Clark, his associate, or his partner.

2. You must maintain a schedule of regular preventive care appointments at CFD, to include a minimum of an oral exam every 6-8 months, preventive treatment (cleaning) every 6-8 months (healthy gums) or 12-18 weeks (periodontal care), bitewing x-rays every 12-16 months, and comprehensive x-rays every 60-64 years. Failure to keep this schedule strictly will render this warranty null and void.

3. Gum (gingival) inflammation (bleeding) serves as an indicator of home care effectiveness. A gingival index score of 3 or a score of 2 for three consecutive preventive sessions will render this warranty null and void. This should not be an issue if you keep good home care practices – follow doctor and hygienist recommendations customized for you. (Look below for gingival index details)

4. Restorations must be paid for in full within 6 months of placement for this warranty to be intact. Warranty does not apply to restorations with fees restricted by a PPO, HMO, or UCR unless warranty is purchased separately.

5. This warranty applies to recommended restorations only. Also, any recommended work related to the restoration must be done within the prescribed time frame for the warranty to hold. For example, if a crown is recommended to be made for a tooth within 2 months following root canal treatment, the crown must be accomplished in that period to validate the root canal warranty.

6. The warranty is null and void if the failure of the restorative work is due to abuse or negligence due to any form of mistreatment of the piece.  This includes but is not limited to, biting into metal objects, chewing ice, self-adjustments, etc.

7. The warranty is null and void if the restorative work needs to be removed or is damaged due to a dental problem or repair with the supporting tooth/teeth including but not limited to root canals, recurrent decay, etc.

8.  The warranty does not include any cost associated with routine maintenance required over the course of its working life.

9. If the doctor determines a night guard/occlusal guard is necessary to maintain and protect your restorative work, the warranty will be null and void if you do not have one fabricated.



0                           Healthy gums (coral pink color)

1                           Mild inflammation – slight increase in redness and/or edema. No bleeding upon probing periodontal pockets.

2                           Moderate inflammation – redness and edema. Bleeding upon probing periodontal pockets.

3.           Severe inflammation – Marked redness and swelling. Ulceration. Tendency to spontaneously bleed.

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We encourage you to contact us with any questions or comments you may have. Please call our office or use the quick contact form below.