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We understand that a dental injury or severe tooth pain can keep you from daily activities. This sometimes leads patients to treat their dental emergency with over-the-counter remedies. While addressing the pain is recommended, delaying emergency dental treatment is not. Left untreated by a dental professional, a simple issue can turn into a more serious problem that can have permanent consequences.

emergency dentist in Decatur, AL

Emergency Dentist in Decatur, AL

Clark Family Dentistry prioritizes dental emergencies in Decatur, AL. We make every effort to see you quickly, alleviate your pain, and correct the problem. A dental emergency often includes severe pain that can be caused by trauma, decay, infection, or an abscess.

*If you have a dental emergency in Decatur, call Dr. Clark right away at (256) 350-8182

Causes of Tooth Pain

Toothache/Pulpitis - Most cases of severe dental pain are due to pulpitis. This is the inflammation of a tooth’s core (pulp) that houses dental nerves and can be caused by decay that has spread to this area, trauma, or gum disease. Symptoms can include temperature sensitivity and pain in the mouth, face, or jaw. In most cases of pulpitis, root canal therapy or extraction is necessary.

Abscessed Tooth - An abscess is an infection at the root of a tooth, usually caused by extensive tooth decay, and is always an emergency. Fever, pain, redness, swelling, and a bitter taste in the mouth are symptoms.

Injury - A broken, dislodged, or completely avulsed tooth requires immediate attention. Always attempt to locate broken pieces or the missing tooth. If the tooth is not broken, gently rinse your mouth and the tooth with warm water, being careful not to disturb the natural fibers attached. Reinsert the tooth, making sure to position it correctly. If this isn’t possible, store the tooth or pieces in milk or lightly salted water and call our Decatur dentist immediately.

Emergency Dentistry in Decatur with a Gentle Touch

Dr. Clark practices gentle dentistry in Decatur and is known for delivering anesthetic painlessly and deeply to ensure your comfort. Dr. Clark also has the skills necessary to correct the underlying issue(s) causing your pain.

If you are suffering from severe tooth pain, no matter the reason, call our Decatur emergency dentist now at (256) 350-8182.

*We will get you into our office quickly - if the emergency requires an after-hours office visit, additional fees will apply.     

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We encourage you to contact us with any questions or comments you may have. Please call our office or use the quick contact form below.